The Beginning

January 25th, 1882

Dear Mr. Hildebrant,

Per your correspondance, I have enclosed the requested letters from my uncle’s estate; although, if I may be so bold in saying so, I cannot quite grasp your fascination with such discombobulated rants of lunacy such as is contained in these letters. In point of fact, sir, I cannot for the life of me recall my uncle ever mentioning you as either a business acquaintance or friend though; it is not my place to ask questions. The letters are yours according to my uncle’s last will and testament and I have kept them safe these15 years while awaiting your correspondence to acquire this bestowment. You must understand, Mr. Hildebrant, 15 years is a long time to keep something without wondering its contents and how was I to know you actually existed? As I stated previously, I had no recollection of your name. When I opened the box, almost 12 years after my uncle’s death, I was captivated to see the letters penned in my uncle’s hand. So, you must forgive my prying eyes, for I have read a majority of these letters. Please, heed these words of warning: If you have any respect for the memory of the man you thought you knew, do not read these letters. I can say that, after having read through most of these letters with bewildered astonishment coursing through my veins, being his flesh and blood was not enough to keep my opinion of him untarnished. The quiet, strategic thinking, sane man we apparently both knew as Edgar Pickman Wright, is not the man that you would, in your wildest dreams, believe could have written the accounts of such hideous and unbelievable rubbish contained herein.

I urge you sir to, again, take heed to my warning.

God Speed,

J.J. Wright





2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. In a word – “suspenseful.”

    You really do enjoy a good story friend. Hence, you write. As your alter egos might say, I am, therefore I am.

    Write on,

    Your Encourager

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